The DuoCeph Cephalostat was developed by a practicing dentist to provide trouble free service under the widest range of operatory situations. DuoCeph is manufactured to exceed federal regulations for x-ray head with maximum protection against scatter radiation.

DuoCeph features a Variable Aperture design to accommodate virtually any x-ray head. This allows relocation to a different X-ray without an expensive refit. The collimator construction allows either right or left hand mounting and the entire assembly can be easily detached from the wall for storage between uses. DuoCeph offers a wide latitude of mounting adjustments which makes installation feasible in situations others find impossible. A “QUICK MOUNT” System and VHS video tape simplifies mounting and alignment.

DuoCeph’s head/film holder uses a rack and pinion gear assembly to accurately and automatically center the patients midline.

This keeps the focal distance and magnification factor consistent regardless of head size or growth changes.

The ear rods are made of quarter-sawn white oak with minimal polymer finish for an attractive, strong, natural appearance, and are nearly invisible on the finished radiograph.

Understanding Cephalostats

The purpose of a Cephalostat is to hold the patient’s head and film in the proper alignment, to aim the x-ray beam, and limit scatter radiation. The quality of the finished x-ray is a function of the choice of film, intensifying screens, and developing technique. The key to quality X-ray is quality film, screens and developing. Spend what it takes to get the best. The Cephalostat is another story. Get what you need, and pay no more.

Features to Consider

Anterior-Posterior Exposures
X-ray view from front to back. This view is becoming more widely used as airway development and suture expansion increases.
Actually a beam limiter since they do not make X-ray beams parallel. Their function is to line up the central beam and variable apertures. Variable apertures are best because they can be adjusted to fit the application, and can be moved to a different X-ray head.
Most walls and corners are slightly crooked. X-ray beams are absolutely straight. Coordinating the two can be tricky. Look for units with plenty of adjustability, and a mounting system that is simple.
Wall Mount Units
Attach to wall and do not move. The patient is moved up and down to fit the unit. Uses Standard dental X-rays. More inconvenient than moveable units, but a practical solution in general offices, due to cost. Consists of two parts, head-film holder + beam limiter – X-ray aimer. Be sure both units can be easily removed from wall to avoid interfering with other operatory functions.
Ease of Operation
Except for the first film or two, your assistant will be using the Cephalostat. Be sure it is easy to use and difficult to misuse. Be wary of superfluous adjustments and gadgets. Look for knobs on things she should adjust, and screws and nuts on things she shouldn’t.
Midline Fixation
It is important to maintain a consistent distance between X-ray source, midline, and the film. This requires a Cephalostat with a midline centering system and a pre-set X-ray to film distance.
Ear Rod Supports
The vertical pieces holding the ear rods are usually wood or plastic. Wood is best because it shows least on the film. The more highly finished the supports, the more they show on the film.
Back-up Service
Each installation is unique. Most installations go easily and require no help. Look for a system that offers help after the sale to answer installation questions.

Dr. Hall Talks about Cephalometrics and the DuoCeph Cephalostat

After teaching orthodontics for 17 years with the United States Dental Institute, it became apparent to me that start up costs for the generalist doing orthodontics was prohibitive. The Cephalometric units on the market were artificially overpriced, ungainly, and overloaded with unusable features. There also seemed to be a lack of clear information available as to what features were necessary, what made one device better then another, and what service was needed after the sale.
In developing the DuoCeph, it was essential that it be high quality, adaptable to any operatory configuration, attractive, and low cost. It took longer than I expected, but the DuoCeph is truly a well-built, no nonsense, full-featured Cephalostat, at a price you can afford.

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