Dr. Kenneth Carver

Dr. Kenneth Carver

It is important that you pre-register two weeks prior to the date of the orthodontic course that you wish to attend outside your Home Center. This insures your notification of any special instructions for the orthodontic course, location changes, time changes, etc.

Please Note: For last minute information on orthodontic course locations, you may call (800)533-1108 from 5PM Friday through 9AM Monday. There will be a listing of each city and hotel location for that weekend.

If you are attending a orthodontic seminar outside your home center, please pre-register with: Attn. Dahla United States Dental Institute 1044 Starling Drive Kingsport, TN,37660 Phone: (423)392-9777 or (800)533-1108 Fax: (423)392-9702 usdinstitute@juno.com

Orthodontic Course Summary

The following is an index of the orthodontic courses contained in the U. S. Dental Institute curriculum. Orthodontic course categories include Straight Wire Technique (AC designated courses), Advanced Mechanics (AM designated courses), Cephalometrics (C designated courses), Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (D designated courses including an Invisalign® course), Functional Appliance (F designated courses), TMJ (T designated courses), and Myofunctional Therapy (M designated courses). Links are provided with more detailed description of each course.

Attend this Seminar in which you will receive 14 hours of CE Credit as you learn about Orthodontics and the United States Dental Institute. Overview of modified straight wire technique and functional appliances, records, basic cephalometrics banding and direct bonding procedures, initial arches, ligature tying, and patient instructions.

Basic Mechanics — Straight Wire Theory/Techniques

Complete bonding of articulator, fabrication and placement of arches, leveling arches, round, rectangular, and square arch wires, auxiliary attachments, power units. Completion of Class I crowded non-extraction case on articulator.

Advanced Mechanics

Courses covering intermediate and advanced straight wire techniques, variations of straight wire techniques, Sagittal appliances, Schwartz appliances, Nance Buttons, High Pull and Combi Headgear, Wire Bows, J Hooks, mandibular headgear, palate splitting devices, yokes, Hawley appliances, positioners, soldering, variations of straight wire systems, variation of straight wire bracket formulations, intermediate stage adjustments, finishing, and retention.


Courses covering landmarks and tracing, key measurements, USDI system for analysis, diagnostic approach utilizing the USDI system, Sassouni, and Sassouni Plus.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

D200 Series Courses covering treatment principles and procedures, mixed dentition cases, adult orthodontics, Class I cases, Class II cases, problem oriented diagnosis, early treatment, preparation of multiple treatment plans for each case, and use of SAM articulator.

D300 Series Courses covering treatment protocols, diagnostic overview, failures and how to avoid them, simultaneous use of fixed and functional appliances, ortho/perio, intermediate stage treatment planning growth and development, diagnosing to esthetics retention, finishing cases, diagnosis using Sassouni Plus, and how to utilize computerized Cephalometric data bases for case analysis.

D400 Series

D500 Series Structural Screening for determination of propensities for the disruptive factors of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction in prospective orthodontic patients.
The objective of this course is to teach you, in the absence of telltale symptoms, to recognize particular signs by using “Structural Screening” to eliminate those unwanted and embarrassing complications that often occur during or after orthodontic treatment.

D600 Series Courses covering the Occluso-Guide appliance, Nite-Guide appliance diagnosing to esthetics, vertical control and Growth and Development. For more information, please visit www.ortho-tain.com.

Functional Appliances

Courses covering diagnosis and treatment planning utilizing functional appliances, as well as detailed instructions on how to utilize each appliance. These courses cover the Bionator, Sagittal, Frankel, Herbst, Twin block and Schwartz appliances, TMJ therapy, and model analysis.

TMJ Courses

Courses covering diagnosis and treatment planning for TMJ disorders. Special attention will be given to examination procedures, record requirements, diagnostic and treatment procedures and the various treatment modalities.