Dr. James Burch is an Orthodontist-Periodontist. Dr. Burch has been a periodontist since 1966 and an orthodontist since 1979. He is Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University after 20 years of teaching, research and active part-time private practice in Columbus, Ohio. He is currently part-time Professor of Orthodontics at NOVA Southeaster University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and lives in Sarasota.

Dr. Burch has been associated with the faculties of Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania and Medical College of Virginia. During 11 years at University of Kentucky, Dr. Burch attained a full Professorship rank, directed Occlusion, directed graduate Periodontics, and taught in Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Burch has published more than 75 scientific papers and clinical jornal articles. He has written numerous dental textbook chapters, a laboratory book in different languages and co-authored more than 50 research abstracts. He has presented several international clinical lecture courses in numerous European, Asian, Central and South American countries while maintaining a quite active schedule of lecture courses nationally.

Dr. Burch focuses on Orthodontic-Periodontic-Prosthodontic interrelationships, problems and clinical solutions.


Dr. James Burch