We Provide Orthodontic Seminars and Courses for the Pediatric and General Dentist!

Expand the services you provide to the patients you already have. With Orthodontics you could add $200,000+ a year to your practice without adding a single new patient. Competent orthodontic training will increase your income and enlarge your practice.

We are the United States Dental Institute (USDI). USDI is the oldest, most diversified, broadest based, instructor-rich orthodontics program in the industry. With over thirty years of experience in numerous locations, we offer the professional, serious in-depth orthodontic seminars and courses required to acquire the proficiency you need. Individual case consultations provide an integral part of our highly regarded program. Our instructors include orthodontists, pediatric, and family practitioners who teach our orthodontic seminars and courses.

With proper training you can provide excellent treatment for 70% to 80% of your patients and refer only those who truly require a specialist.

What this means...

Competent orthodontic treatment will increase your income, enlarge your practice, and lower your stress. No magic, but more satisfying than Endo and more profitable than Operative.

Proper Orthodontic Training…

What comprises “proper” training? Let’s be serious. It takes universities two to three years to train an orthodontist. You should expect to invest at least eight to ten weekends over a twenty to twenty-four month period to become competent in practicing orthodontics. Three, four, even five course programs simply cannot provide enough instruction to assure that you attain “standard of care” proficiency.

United States Dental Institute is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at ADA.org/CERP.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Training

Our course is designed to provide you with improved methods to increase the productivity and profitability of your practice. With this in mind we have a structured program with a “hands-on” approach.

  • Complete training over a long period to provide personal support during your patients’ treatment.
  • Individual diagnostic consultation prior to treatment with optional progress help throughout your case.
  • State-of-the-art treatment, including early treatment, non-extraction, as well as cosmetic adult treatment, invisible (clear) aligners, and functional orthopedics with concurrent braces to align.
  • Basic non-removable orthopedic appliances for noncompliant patients.
  • State-of-the-art Cephalometrics, presented in an expandable, practical approach.
  • Thermal activated arch wires for treatment with less office visits.
  • We utilize auxiliary delegation and train your assistants as an integral part of this course.

The following is a brief description of the general overview of some of the training procedures.

  • Exercises which promote understanding of proper bracket positioning that result in simplified treatment.
  • Complete review and hands-on placement of all types of high tech thermal wires with emphasis on why they produce faster treatments with fewer visits.
  • “hands-on” placement of “No Cooperation Needed” Thermal Ni-Ti Auxiliaries: springs and expanders.
  • “hands-on” training in proper use of Glass Ionomer Cements in Band and bracket placement, and bonding R.P.E.’s.
  • Instruction in “Early Treatment” orthodontic treatments emphasizing the bonded rapid palatal expander, The Twin Block, Protraction Headgear, and transitional treatment techniques utilizing the “E” space, as well as removable orthopedic expansion appliances.

Attend our introductory seminar (INT101) and learn how to add ortho to your practice as well as a complete overview of the USDI Program.



April 30 – May 1 – Chicago, IL

September 17-18 – Costa Mesa, CA

September 24 – 25 – San Francisco, CA

October 1 & 2 – Secaucus, NJ